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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Moong, Peach and Mango Salad

Healthy and tasty is what i can say for this. Very easy to make and packed with nutrition.
to make this salad

You will need :

Moong Dhal (green Gram) Soaked overnight - 1 cup
Onions - 1 small
Tomatos - 2 chopped
Peach - 2
Raw or half ripe Mango - 1 cup
Green chillies finely chopped - 2-3
Fresh coriander chopped finely - 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Lemon juice
Chaat powder

Method: Soak the Green gram overnight. Cook it in a microwave safe bowl for 8-10 minutes on high. Alternatively you can cook it in a pressure cook it half done. Dont cook the moong too much orelse it will become mashed.
Now let the moong cool down well. Mix all the chopped veggies and fruits and mix well.Add the chaat powder, salt and lemon juice. garnish with fresh coriander and serve chilled.Your amazing nutrition packed snack is ready...:)

Serve it chilled as an evening snack. Enjoy!!...


Priyanka said...

Shubha, the combination of all the salad ingredients is really great. I can just imagine how wonderfully the flavors and the juices from the peach and mango must blend in with the moong. Will try it out.

SHUBHA said...

Thanx priyanka... do try it :)