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Monday, April 28, 2008

Masala Paav - Paav bhaji in a different form.....:)

" Masala pav is a spicy blend of tomato onion gravy cooked and stuffed inside butter laden pavs.Every pav bhaji vendor serves his own version of Masala Pav so that each one tastes different but equally delicious. Very often the pav bhaji gravy is tossed with pieces of pav and served with a slice of lemon.It is a spicy way to serve bread. Quick and easy!"

This is the only information I found about this Masala Paav when I tried to search its origin. Guess its the brain child of the Chaat and Paav bhaji vendors...who came up with this amazing say of serving paav. I always make this dish for lunch...whenever I make paav bhaji for dinner the previous night. Yeah, this is a dish i make next day just to make the leftover a bit interesting. I somehow feel bored to eat the same thing for the next day. I guess there are many who will nod there heads to this. Right? Who likes to eat the same thing again and again... I dont. So Iam always searching for new recipes and way to make the leftovers interesting.

I ate masala paav for the first time in Grant road, Mumbai.... in a Paav bhaji joint named "Sardaar Paav bhaji Centre". Ohh it was so awesome. That when I came to know that a dish like this existed. It is so easy to make. You can find this dish in any of the paav bhaji joints or paav bhaji "thela" /stalls in mumbai. I simply relish it. Hope u all like it too. :D

Okie... I always make this dish as a leftover.... but u may make and serve it as a different way to serve Paav bhaji...:)

This looks so good... I kept clicking snaps... hmmmm.... lovely and tasty Masala Paav... hmm okie now here goes the recipe.

You need :

Hamburger bun : 4

Onion - 1 medium chopped

Tamarind chutney (optional ) - 1/2 cup

Coriander leaves

Lemon juice - 3 tsp

Paav bhaji (leftover ) - 3 cups ( you can find the recipe for the bhaji here )

Nylon sev - 1 cup

Method :

Butter both the sides of the hamburger buns and then roast it on the tava. Once the bun becomes golden brown on either side. Place the buns on the plate. Keep the base bun on the plate and spread the ( paav bhaji ) Bhaji over it. Now put some spoons of the tamarind chutney to it. This is optional, and you may avoid it. The masala paav yet tastes lovely. Now sprinkle the chopped onions and the freshly chopped coriander on it and cover it with the other bun. Spread butter on the top bun and then spread some more paav bhaji masala over it. Garnish with nylon sev, few drops lemon juice and coriander leaves. Serve it hot. this can be eaten with a spoon. Enjoy!

My hubby relishing the Masala Paav !

Serve hot as Dinner / Lunch or as a snack. No side needed. Its a complete meal in itself....:) Enjoy!


Maya said...

Hi Shubha, Thnx for visiting my blog and ur nice comment. You have a great blog here, Masala Paav does look yummy and tempting and filling..Will try sometime..

Divya Vikram said...

You make me drool with ur pics..Nice to know U r from LA

SHUBHA said...

hehe thanx divya... ur from La too??

Padmaja said...

Love your version!! Its absolutely delicious!!

Annu said...

Thats nice entry,Nice blog.Pav all time fav...

Thanks for your comment in my blog

Meera said...

That masala paav is absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing.

ArcHie !!! said...

Hi shubha,

Ur blog looks nice so does u r food in da blog.... I am from mumbai but residing in Us for last 2 yrs... its good to see many mumbai kar around .... i came through u r profile through vahcef's profile on orkut .... I would really appreciate if u can help me by tellin how to customize the template in blog ... i recently created a blog ... but not happy with its appearance ... well will appreciate u r help.. u can send me the detail in the followin orkut profile .. http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=17971966182786500586

Nazreen said...

Shubha-very tempting & will try it & let u know :)