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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Khasta Kachori

Kachori is one dish I have always loved. Specially the Kachori we used to get in the VT subway near the station. Any of you who havent visited mumbai in the recent 5-6 years must not being knowing about this place. This is our newly formed Khau Gali ( food corner)... a treat and great place for all the crores of travellers. The VT station (now know as CST terminus ) underground subway has been converted into a food n shopping corner. When we used to pass that way from our college to the station to catch our train, it was very rare for us to not eat anything in the underground food corner... we used to atleast have an icecream.. Those old memories. It has been years I havent eaten kachori.When I saw the recipe in one of Manjula's aunties videos in you tube. I was thrilled and wanted to try it out immidiately.... the result was amazing...just my kachori's crust was a bit thick, and it didnt puff too much, (maybe coz I made the kachoris too small...dunno) check out the snaps.....

You can check out the recipe for the kachori here. http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2007/08/31/khasta-kachori/

It also has a video of how to make the kachoris. So enjoy making the lovely kachori with Manjula aunty. I have also tried the dhokla method that is their in that site... works fine for me. The site has semolina dhokla. I tried the khaman dhokla using besan and the same method. Turned out too good for me.

Kachori filled with onions taste too good. Thats my hubby's idea. Try it and enjoy!

Some facts about Kachori

Kachori or Kachauri, a farsan or spicy Indian snack of various regions of India, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh.

In Rajasthan it is usually a round flattened ball made of fine flour filled with a stuffing of baked mixture of yellow moong dal or Urad Dal the crushed and washed horse beans, besan the crushed and washed gram flour, black pepper, red chili powder, salt and other spices.
In Gujarat, it is usually a round ball made of flour and dough filled with a stuffing of yellow moong dal, black pepper, red chili powder, and ginger paste.
In Uttar Pradesh, it is a flattened ball of spiced potatoes, typically including potatoes and peas, wrapped in white flour, and deep fried.
A variant includes sweet upwas (fast) kachori, made with potato, coconut, and sugar. Kachoris are often served with a chutney, often made from tamarind, mint, or coriander.
Some of the variants popular in North India includes a version similar to the Rajasthan version accompanied with a curry made of potatoes and varied spices or even chana (chole), similar to one served in Chole Bhature.

So many Varieties in Kachori. Next I am gonna try the sweet kachori. any joining me for it?

Serve hot with Ketchup or mint chutney. Enjoy!


Manasi said...

Hi!! Thank U for visiting my blog! U have a cool one going here! Happy Ugadi! I specially chose this recipe to leave my comment on coz I LOVE chaat items! I love khasta kachori and ur recipe is making me drool!
I used to love MM Mithaiwala kachori,but going all the way to malad was rare! Ah! how I miss chaat in the USA!

SHUBHA said...

Hey manasi thanx for visiting my blog...:) Yeah i miss chaat too... Iam totally a chaat person... and thank god my husband is like that too...:P so we kind of rock on chaat...:P

vani goel said...

my mouth started watering right away..
I'll tell my mom to try some of these, specially the cakes and pizzas.
Thanks a lot for your posts.
Lovely blog.
I am loving it!!!! ;)
ah ha!!