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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eggless Moist Chocolate Cake

This is how my cake looked fresh from the oven. Smelling so sweet. This is real life saver recipe for all the first time (interested in baking from scratch ) bakers. I am very bad when it comes to baking or should i say unlucky....specially when it comes to cakes. I have seen so many cakes going flat in front of my eyes...just like a punctured tube....It used to be so funny. We used to be just seeing the cake through the oven glass and used to shout..."its rising, its rising" and suddenly in front of my eyes i used to see the cake go flat.... ohh how heartbreaking it used to be.... hmmmm but those were the old days when I rarely used to do things with proper measurements or sticking to the recipe. After so many flat cakes I have learnt a lesson "STICK TO THE RECIPE FOLKS."

I got this lovely eggless cake recipe from priya's blog ( http://dailygirlblog.blogspot.com/search?q=moist+chocolate+cake). You can check priya's blog for the recipe. I have cut the ingredients quantity into half. But forgot to cut the quantity of the cocoa powder. Guess due to that my cake wasn't sweet.It tasted a bit like lightly sweetend chocolate bread hehhee. The hershey's chocolate syrup helped me here....:P .But I guess its something I can mend when I bake this cake next time and I am surely gonna do that soon. I have also used Baking powder instead of the vinegar that she has suggested in the recipe. You can also use lemon extract instead of vinegar. The cake turned out amazingly soft and moist.

The icing done on the cake is very very easy to do. Once ur cake is done let it cool for sometime and then do the icing.I used a readymade chocolate frosting for this.

For the Frosting :

Pillsbury chocolate icing : 2 tbsp

Hershey's chocolate syrup

Method :

Touch and check of the cake is smooth. Make it smooth by lightly rubing with hands. Put the chocolate icing on the cake and spread it smooth with a cake spatula or spoon. Keep the cake in the refridgerator for 30 minutes. now remove the cake out and make the icing smooth again with a spatula. Now, make swirl on it using the hershey's syrup. I have also made a small flower using buttercream icing. Ur amazzing ake is ready. Enjoy!

Isnt it tempting?....Thanx priya for the easy and amaxing recipe. I also added choclate chips to the cake. :D try ur cake and let me know how it turned out...:D

Serve hot with ur evening coffee or with vanilla icecream as a desert. Enjoy!!


chat2neo said...

yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

chat2neo said...


chat2neo said...

yummyyyyy !!!!

SHUBHA said...

hehehe thanx bro...iam so surprised to see ur msg on my blog.... do keep encouragement... will suely make it for u when i come to india :D

Arundathi said...

looks fabulous! those photos are great!

jayasree said...

Cake is looking yummy. Nice pics.

Sid said...

Wow... that looks delish !!! How did you get the cake to rise that much?? I've tried making eggless cakes before but my cakes are always flat :( And oh, i'm one of those people who follows the recipe to a T but still... Anyhow, will give this recipe a try now! I'm desperately looking for a great tasting, great lookin eggless chocolate cake!! And yours just looks PERFECT !!!

The Caked Crusader said...

Great looking cake.
Thanks for stopping by my site - I have tried to answer all your questions

Goms said...

just one question...which type of cocoa powder should i use? sweetened/un sweetened? thanks in advance for the help !