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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tomato Rice by my hubby :)

Yummy tomato rice by my sweetheart. I wasnt well and really cudnt get up from the bed the other day. My hubby's (R) office is nearby so he normally comes home for lunch. As I wasnt able to get up I asked him to eat something outside for that day.

Around 12:30 pm as usual the door bell rang and to my surprise it was R. I was so upset and started blabbering to him as I had not made anything for lunch.I was panicky, when R just asked me to relax and said he will cook. In 30 minutes my lunch was ready. and it was this delicious and tasty looking Tomato Rice. It was so tasty and delicious.So bad R cudnt have it then.... he just kept it in the rice cooker and went back to work grabbing a sub on way. He mainly came home to make something for me so that I dont go hungry or eat some crap, as I wasnt able to get up. So sweet isnt it?

Well as I have stated in the earlier posts....my hubby R is an expert when it comes to making rice dish...and this is one of his favourites as well as his speciality.Would love to share his recipe with u all. Wait till he tells me first. (Will post the recipe soon)

Serve hot with vegetable raita or boondi raita.Enjoy!!