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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A lovely video I came Across You Tube!

A female called Archana who speaks in the Hasya kavi sammela on women who come here on H4. Its hillarious. I just wanted to share with all of you. Hope you like it. Do comment on it..:)

Archana is a popular poetess, singer and artiste who resides in the bay area.
Archana is a software engineer -a front end web developerby profession. She has worked as a consultant for companies and is presently, she is working for Tacit Software.She worked as a credentialed public school teacher in Fremont Unified school district for 4 years. She also was a eigth grade science teacher with Campbell Union school distrcit for one year. Archana volunteers to teach Hindi at various institutes in the bay area like I.C.C. (India Community center), Vidyabharti etc.

She presents this poetry "Naukri is tokeri" in the bay area Hasya Kavi Sammelan in April 2007. This poetry is a comedy depicting her experiences with the many jobs she tried, as an immigrant woman, trying to balance her job and family. Its really very funny and so humorous. When I came across this is just wanted to share it with you all. Hope u Enjoy it as much i did...:)

P:S - Note her version of ABCD... I was laughing uncontrolablely when I heard that hehehe...

Some other videos of archana are America , Hindi , Matrimony

I enjoyed each and every video and I just wanted to share it with all of you. Hope you like it. Do send me your comments. Her recitals of america and hidi really touched my heart. And the way she present it is so nice...:)

The recital on Matrimony is very good too..:) its really hillarious... hope u all like it too..:)

You can find more information and more of her videos on her website.

Iam adding one of her videos here... u can check her other videos in The links i have given above.Enjoy!

Hope u enjoyed the video. Do leave ur comments...:)


Uma said...

that is so hilarious, shubha! Lovely video. thanks for sharing.

Divya said...

that is one lovely video Shubha ..I can see myself described in her poem ..Thanks for sharing

Veda Murthy said...

nice one shubha!

ANJALI J. said...

thats a good video.. thanks for sharing.

Asha said...

Got to watch them all this afternoon, thanks for the link girl!:)

Divya said...

That is one nice video ..Thanks for sharing Shubha ..

Veda Murthy said...

nice video! njoyed it 1refreshing after a hard day!

Shri said...

very hilarious.I enjoyed it a lot.Thanks for sharing.Shubha you have a news for you in my blog.:)