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Monday, August 6, 2007

Indo - Mexican delight

I have always loved indian chaat, the pani puri sev puri and all those other stuff we get in mumbai.... umm.. after coming here.... chaat is wt i miss extensively. This recipe here today is my dedication to the multiple varieties of chaat i have eaten. this recipe kind of resembles to the sev puri (one kind of chaat made with flat pori..)..with some changes made. hope u like it and enjoy it. do give me ur comments.

okie now this is my own brain child.. a recipe of chaat indo mexican style.

The other day when i was cleaning my kitchen - which is a mess now thanx to my newly acquired hobby of cooking and experimenting - i came across this big pack of corn tortilla chips. It was evening and i was happy to see the chips packet thinking that atleast i dont need to make anything for the evening tiffin...... "tortilla and salsa rox".
But, my luck i didnt have any salsa with me...... i remembered that we finished the salsa just last week.So again i starting racking by brain to think what should i make for tiffin now....then it stuck me like a lightning...to make this chat...
Its simple easy and very very tasty..........

To make this u need :

Corn Tortilla chips - 20-25 pieces

Potatoes -3 medium sized (boiled)

Tomatoes - 2 chopped

Onions - 1 big chopped into fine pieces.

Sweet corn - 1 can (optional)

Sweet Tamarind chutney

Mint coriander chutney


Chaat masala

coriander leaves and sev for garnishing


For the Instant Sweet Tamarind chutney :

I made this chutney the easy way...i mixed up 3 tbsp of date syrup with 2 tbsp of tamarind concentrate. Added around 1tbsp of sugar to this (powdered sugar preferable) mixed this up and heated in microwave for 2 minutes.. i got my instant imli chutney or sweet tamarind chutney. It turned out too good and can be stored in the fridge for a long time.. i kept it till 2 weeks...:)

Tip: if u dont have date syrup u may skip it and add more sugar to the tamarind concentrate.... to give the sweetness.... try it and let me know..

For instant corinader mint chutney.:

this was the easy way too.... i mixed up... 2 tbsp store bought mint paste with 1 whole bunch of coriander and 2 green chillies..the mint chutney was ready and spicy.

Now for the method :

Mash the boiled potatoes add a bit of salt to it and keep it aside. Now in a large plate arrange the Tortilla chips. Now on each chips one by one...place some mashed potatos, chopped tomatoes , sweet corn and the onions. Now drop a tsp of mint coriander chutney on each of the arranged chips. Do the same with the tamarind chutney...

Now of top sprinkle a bit of chaat powder and salt...granish with finely chopped coriander leaves and sev....

Serve as it is..enjoy this mast chaat and let me know ur comments...

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