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Monday, August 6, 2007

Bharva Baigan or Baigan Masala

This is one dish which has always made my mouth water. Just the thought of it is enough....ummm.. yummy!
Bharva baigan means stuffed brinjal. I really dunno the actual origin of this dish, but my acquintance with it started in our kitchen when i was 10. I still remeber my mom making this amazing bhaji for us... serving it with chopped onions and garam garam phulka.... yummm..

I really miss all those days with mom.
Anyways here goes the recipe. i have learnet to make this recipe without onion and garlic too.... and believe me.. it doesnt change its taste at all...

Small round Brinjals (baigan) - 10-15
onions - 1 1/2 chopped into big pieces (we will put this in blender)
onions -1/2 chopped into fine pieces
green chillies - 2
peanuts/ almonds - 3/4 cup
tej patta (bay leaves)- 2
ginger -1" piece
Tomatoes (roma) - 2
Cumin seeds (jeera) - 2 tsp
oil / butter - 1 tbsp
turmeric powder - 1tsp
Chillie powder (if needed)
Garam masala powder - 1tsp
Salt to taste
coriander for Garnishing.


Wash and slit the brinjals and given in the picture, so as it stand like a tulip flower. Dont cut the stem of the brinjal.. leave it intact. Keep them aside in water so that the brinjals dont turn black.

Slitting the brinjal this way ..helps u to see if the brinjal is good inside...slightly spread the pieces and bit and u can see the inside... keeping the stem and shape of the brinjal intact...

In a blender now mix in the big onion pieces, the tomatoes (u can add a small ball of tamarind in here if the tomatoes are not tangy), ginger, bay leaves (gives a spicy feel to the gravy).1 tsp jeera, peanuts or almond (I prefer using almonds as its good for health.... and almost gives the same texture and taste as peanuts..u may also use peanuts..)...blend all this and make a thick paste... adding a bit of water in between.

Now, in a pan take some oil and put in the jeera, and let it splutter.. now add the onions and sautee well.. add turmeric, chillie powder, and garam masala... and cook of low flame for 5 mins...
now add the almond onion gravy... to the pan , add salt and sautee till the gravy gets completely cooked and leaves the sides of the pan....(tips: the gravy will become a bit tight and will become a bit darker in colour.... it will also leave oil...thats when u know the gravy is cooked..) add the green chillies at this stage.... slitting them lenght wise..

While u sautee the gravy, in an another pan... take some more oil and slightly shallow fry the brinjal... until it turns brown in colour.... yet looks stiff...

Once the gravy is done... add the fried brinjal into the gravy... add a glass of water and cook it covered for 10-15 mins in medium heat.... or till the gravy thickens a bit and coats on the brinjal.... ur baigan is ready...

Garnish with fresh coriander...

Serve hot with Phulkas or Chapatis
Sorry for the poor quality of the pic but i was so tempted to eat it that i didnt bother to take another pic.:P


Anonymous said...

nice recipe. looks tempting

Bhawna said...

Hey like ur blog & recipes Keep it up .....

Shubha said...

thanx bhawna...

Richa said...

baigan looks delicious, gravy is thick & nice.
Saw ur lovely mehendi designs and that scorpion...LOL :)
thanks for leading me to ur blog, good going.

Sharmi said...

peanuts would make it taste yum. have to try it out this way. looks great.