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Friday, August 24, 2007

Aloo Tikkis / Potato patty

Chaat n street food is the life of every one in India. Every street has to have a chaat thela....offering all the amazing chaat items. I miss it so much...especially pani poori ummm.... well will post my pani poori recipe later. Today I am posting here the recipe for Aloo tikki. The amazing and eternal aloo tikki. You can make many chaat items with this one aloo tikki. Enjoy the tikki as it is or as a chaat.

Here goes the recipe:

Potatoes - 4 medium size

Boiled green peas - 1 cup

Bread slices - 4

chaat powder - 2 tsp

lemon juice -3tsp

salt to taste



Boil the potatoes. Peel them and smash them well. Now add in the boiled peas and mix well. Put in the chaat powder , lemon juice and the salt gel them together.

Take the bread slices and grind them into powder in mixer... this powder should be dry so see that ur grinder jar is quite dry before u put the bread slices in..

Now mix in the bread powder into the potato mixture and make a nice dough. Mold this dough in the shape u desire (its normally made into flat round discs) and shallow fry them

Your chatpata aloo tikki is ready. Serve it as chat or just as a evening snack.... goes well with tomato ketchup.... enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

looks yummy

anusharaji(www.talimpu.com) said...

they are all stacked up and yummmmmm
never tried with bread pieces add though.....good tip