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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bread upma

This is a lovely tasty an quick snack..... I made this with ham burger buns....which were lying at my place....didnt know wt to do with it... when I remembered this quick evening tiffin, my mom used to make for us as kids. This is normally made with any kid of bread.Iam sure ur kids will love this too.
Here goes the recipe.

You need :

Bread slices - 8 - 10
Green chillies - 3
Onions - 1 medium
mustard seeds - 2tsp
Urad dhal- 3tsp
lemon juice - 4tsp
Salt to taste
oil / ghee
Nylon sev for garnish (optional)
Coriander leaves


Put the bread slices in a dry grinding jar and grind it into a powder. You can also cut the bread in small cubes, but grinding it gives a different taste.
Keep this bread powder aside.
In a kadhai or pan take some oil. Add the mustard seeds, urad dhal, and green chillies. Now add in the chopped onions. Sautee till the onions become transparent.

Now add the bread powder in and mix well. Add the salt now according to ur taste and mix well again. let the bread powder get cooked well and become a bit crunchy. Now top this with a spoon of ghee and enjoy ur evening tiffin.

Garnish with sev, lemon juice and coriander and enjoy hot.


anusharaji(www.talimpu.com) said...

thx for reminding me
i need to make it for morrow ;)

Sheela said...

U can first marinate the bread pieces in curd before frying them with the rest of the ingredients.