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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hara bhara Kabab

I have sweet memories with this dish....I love this Kabab... the Harabhara Kabab for its genuine and natural taste. Its so simple to make and tastes to nice....All natural flavours from the ginger and other simple spices.... No heavy masalas... yummm..

I remember my first introduction to this dish... well it wasnt exactly a proper introduction... as I never exactly got to eat it... hehe....

It happened so that when I was in 2nd year of my college... me and my friends (8 girls) went to matheran...( a hill station near mumbai...) for a girls outing. By the time we reached the hotel we were dead hungry and it was raining very badly. So as the buffet (which was in our package) was over we had to order from the menu. And my friend suggested me our this dish called "hara bhara kabab. So we all went with our friend's choice and ordered that dish. As the order was taking its own time to arrive one of my other friend asked me if I cud accompany her to the reception as she wanted to make a call back home. Hmmmm... I was so hungry I didnt wanna move... but then who will say no to a friend... so I accompanied her. As we were going towards the reception... I saw the waiter taking the plate of green/brown crisp looking patties...to our room... I was craving to pick one and eat.... ohh I was so hungry... but then I thought we can have it when we come back. So after a 30 mins talk to her parents then calling my parents... when we headed back to the room... hmmm we saw 2 empty plates.... hehe I still can't beleive they ate off all the kababs...:P... We literally fought with them hehhe and then we called back for some move kababs... and my luck, the kitchen had closed and we had to manage with some french fries hehhee.... ohhh I craved so much for those kababs from that day.... hehhee

I did get a chance to have them later... but I can never forget this incident...my first introduction to these delicious Kabas. Here goes the recipe... which is simple and fibre rich..

You need :

Potatoes - 3 medium boiled and mashed
Geen peas - 1 cup
Spinach leaves - 1/2 cup finely chopped
Fresh coriander leaves - 1/2 cup finely chopped
Ginger - 1 tbsp
Green chillies - 1 tbsp
Chat masala - 1 tbsp
Amchoor powder - 3/4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Corn starch - 2-3 tsp
oil to shallow fry

Method :

In a big bowl put the mashed potatoes.

Cook the green peas and the spinach in seperate bowls in the microwave for 5 minutes each. Cook until they r tender.I used frozen so this was enough... If ur using fresh increase the time accordingly. Once they r cooked keep it aside to cool. When cool squeeze out the excess water as much possible and add to the bowl of potatoes. See that u remove the excess water orelse ur tikki will we soggy and may break when frying.

Now, add rest of the ingredients to the bowl...excluding the oil, and mix well. I suggest u too add some constarch to make the kababs nicely binded and crisp.You may reduce the amount according to ur requirement. Once ur potao mixture is ready.And you have a skewer.... you can wrap them as small balls around a lightly greased skewer and cook them... But as i did have a skewer I made them as normal tikkis..

Shallow fry these tikkis on a tava. Put these tikkis on a griddle or tava and fry pouring some oil around it... turn it around once u feel the base and become brown...let the tiiki and and become brown from both the sides... Your tikkis/ kababs are ready.

Serve hot with green chutney or tomato Ketchup. These are amazing evening snack or startes. They r very healthy and light, and very eay to make. You can alter the masala according to your taste. We like tanginess a lot to I have added lot of amchoor... other than the chat masala... u may reduce the amount according to ur liking. Another healthy option would be baking this... But I would advice u not to do it. I tried it and It made the tikkis very rubbery and hard even after putting in so much oil on it before baking. I didnt use that much oil even for shallow frying... hehehhe.... You can use a non stick pan to shallow fry these... that way u will end up using very little oil and ur tikkis will also be nice and crisp... So if u want to enjoy these kababs... please dont bake them....

I am sending this as an entry to the Eat healthy - Fibre Rich hosted by Sangeeth.

I am also sending this entry to the Monthly Mingle - appetizer and Hors'D Oeuvres hosted by Mansi. The monthly mingle was started by Meeta of whats for lunch honey?


Uma said...

Wow, these kebabs look so inviting, Shubha! Save some for me, I am coming over! Have a great weekend dear!

Medhaa said...

I would never trust my friends in that matter, they would eat anything in site and it would vanish in no time, I would have grabbed one before leaveing..:)

they look lovely. I love them since itsnot deep fried too, you can grill them too

Kevin said...

Those kababs look good. Nice presentation!

Hetal said...

These kebabs look awesome,I am coming at your place to eat them..he..he
Congrats for all the wonderful awards and thankx for passing me the Rocking girl award..

Sagari said...

yummy kabobs subha

Cham said...

Love ur kabab, never made this version :) Lovely presentation

Madhavi said...

This our family favorite appetizer. Kabab looks great Shubha, jus mouthdrooling!!!

delhibelle said...

Just too good !

Ranjani said...

Those look fabulous!I'm going to try making these soon:)

Sangeeth said...

lovely entry...thanks