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Monday, March 9, 2009

Vegetable Chinese Fried Rice

I love chinese.... Specially the indo chinese we used to get in the thelas of india. Yumm yummm! How I miss eating all that... Now, I dunno after staying in US what happened to my Immune system.... I ate chinese in india this time and fell sick... hmm. Anyways... those were the days... we used to eat the yummy indo chinese in the road side shops near Vt station... it used to be awesome...:) Anyways here goes the recipe...:)

Ingredients :

Basmati rice : 2 cup (cooked and cooled)

Ginger - 2 tsp finely chopped

Garlic - 2 tsp finely chopped

Carrot - 1 thinly sliced in juliens

Cabbage - 2 cup thinly shredded

Onion - 1 thinly sliced

Bean sprouts (optional) - 1 cup

Soya sauce - 3tbsp

Vinegar - 2 tsp

Sesame oil

Tomato sauce - 1/2 tbsp

Green chilli sauce - 1 tbsp

Salt and pepper to taste

Green chillies - 2 cut lengthwise

french style beans - 1 cup

Spring onions - 2 sprigs finely chopped

Method :

Cook the Basmati rice on a stove top with lots of water and then drain the water once done. Pour cold water over the rice to stop it from cooking. The rice shouldnt become mushy or overcooked. each grains of the rice should be seperate.

Heat some sesame oil in a wok / kadhai. Heat the oil till its nicely heated.Stir fry the garlic and ginger. Then add the vegetables (except the sppring onions and 1/2 of the bean sprouts) and stir fry well for 3-4 minutes. Dont overcook the vegetables. The vegetable should cook and yet be crisp.

Mix the salt and pepper to taste. Add the soya sauce, vinegar and tomato ketchup and mix well. cook for 2- 3 minutes.

Now add the rice and mix well. Cook for 3-4 minutes on high medium flame. Remove the rice onto a serving bowl and garnish it with Bean sprouts and spring onions.

Enjoy hot with some schezuan sauce or some delicious machurian. Have fun making it..:)


Asha said...

Beautiful, love it with Kung Pao. Good one! :)

Anonymous said...

yummmyyyyyyyy............. mouth watering ..... :)
Nice click. May be this time I shud try out with the sesame oil.. :)

Priti said...

Looks yummy..perfect fried rice ..wonderful pic..Happy Holi dear

Cham said...

Delicous rice!

meeso said...

Rice looks yum!

Pavithra said...