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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kothu Barota / Parotha

Kottu Barota / Parotha comes from Tamil Nadu, guess from a city called Trichy or Tiruchirapalli. Some say it has originated from Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. I dunno much about its history and origin except that whoever invented this dish was a genuis. The literal translation of "kottu parotha" is Minced Paratha (indian flatbread) and that is how it is made, by shredding the parathas and adding it to some stir fried veggies...yummm! And for other who r wondering what is "Barota or Parotha..." thats how u call parathas down in chennai... heheh:P

I am a vegetarian hence showing the vegetarian version, but normally its made using egg and is called "Mutta kotthu paratha ". Muttai means egg in "Tamil". U can also add shredded chicken to this dish I guess. Just keep experimenting.

Anyways its very very easy and simple to make and I am sure you will love this one. My hubby had never eaten this before and when he did he simply fell in love with this.

I used to have something similar when I was in school. My friend used to get this in dabba....Her mom used to make it with leftover phulkas(rotis) dont remember what she used to call it in marathi...hmmm old days r so good isn't it?

Anyways here goes the recipe and the list of ingredients.


Store bought frozen parathas : 3 (I used malabar paratha)

Onion : 1 finely chopped

Tomato : 2 medium finely chopped

Green chillies : 2 slit lenghtwise

Ginger : 1 inch minced

Cumin seeds (Jeera) : 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Dhania-Jeera powder : 1 tsp

Garam Masala powder : 1 tsp

Red chilli powder (optional)

Oil : 2 tsp

Fresh coriander leaves : 1 whole bunch finely chopped

Method :

Thaw the parathas slightly and roast them on the tava accroding to the paskage instruction. Shred them into small pieces with ur hand or using a knife and keep it aside.

In a kadhai take some oil and add the Jeera. Let it crackle. Now add the chopped ginger and mix well. Toss in the onions and saute till transparent and follow with the chopped tomatoes and cook till nice and tender. Add the garam masala, red chilli powder and dhania - jeera powder.Let hte masalas cook well. Once the water evaporates from the tomato onion mix, add the salt and toss in the shreded parathas and mix well on medium high heat. turn off the gas and leave it for 2 minutes. Now garnish with coriander leaves and lemon juice. Mix well and serve hot.:)

I am sure u all will enjoy this. My hubby topped it with some fresh chopped onions and some sev. It tasted delicious...:)

Hope u enjoy this traditional south indian delicacy as much we did.... Yumm is the word for this one !


Anonymous said...

it looks great and delicious ,may be capsicum and few shredded carrots and cabbage and french beans and peas would make it healthy and even more delicious

apuroopa said...

Hi Shubha..I have tried this kothu parota (chilli parota that we used to call it) and it came out very good and very tasty .My husband and friends liked it as a very good evening snack.I have added some green bell peppers to it..

This dish reminded me of our old good days spent at our college canteen in bachelors.I did my B.Tech in Pondicherry Engg College,Pondicherry..We used to eat this chilli parota almost daily with all the friends in the canteen.I never remembered of this dish agiain till noe after I left Tamilnadu...Thanks for bringing back those wonderful memories back...

Vani said...

This sounds delicious, Shubha! And the clicks are wondrful :)

meeso said...

Oh, I am drooling... looks so spicy and delicious!

Neha said...

I made ita few days back, with left over paraths, Searched a lot for recipe, but didn't got something proper.Now have a proper recipe. Its really spicy..

Anonymous said...

We add curd before turning off the gas. We used to make this with left over bajri/jowar rotla.

Pavani said...

That looks delicious. you have a great blog. Will be back for more.

Priya said...

my hubby is fond of Kothu parota but he dint find it anywhere..he tried once in Udupi but dint like the taste..after seeing ur recipe, I prepared in same way he liked it so much...thnx for delicious recipe..Priya J :)

Sajana said...

This looks delicious... i am going to buy parathas and prepare this today! thanks for sharing :)