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Friday, May 2, 2008

Once again....Mysore Masala Dosa for dosa mela

Yes, I am a complete Late comer, or a tubelight. I didnt send my dosa recipe to the Dosa mela on time and then was so hesitant to send it. Thanks to Srivalli who agreed to accept by entry now.. as she is planning for one more round up.... Thank my lucky stars and Srivalli. Thank You.

So here is my entry for the Dosa mela. I have posted this recipe around 2 weeks earlier and I am just linking that post to this one, as an entry to the event. Here is the recipe for this lovely looking Mysore Masala Dosa... My style...! Enjoy and give me ur reviews :D once again...:D

Talking about Mysore masala Dosa...reminds me of Mumbai...yes Mumbai not Udipi or mysore from where this dosa actually originates.There are these 3 places in mumbai (ofcourse other than my house) where I relish dosas.Mumbai is where I first got introduced to this speciality dosa. I still remember the Dosa wala near my college... in VT (now CST) and his amazing varieties of dosas and uthappams. Wow! is the lovely thing I can say for it.He used to make so many varieties of dosas, spring dosa, masala dosa , special masala dosa, mysore masala dosa and special mysore masala dosa(which consisted of grated carrot, lots of dry fruits, raisins.beetroot, aloo bhaji, sweet and spicy chutney.... yummmm..) doesnt that bring water in ur mouth.... The special varieties in each had ghee and dryfruits in the masala.... too many calories rt? but amazingly tasty... hmmmm I really miss those days. We used to stand near the dosa stand and watch him make these amazing mysore masala dosas... which were always our favourite. I got a bit of idea of what all he used to add in it for the ultimate taste. Today after like 5 years of missing that amazing mysore masala dosa I tried to recreate the dosa walas magic in my kitchen, and I can say I was somewhat successful. The compliments from my hubby and his colleague and friend proves that. :) what say?

Another place in mumbai where I have relished dosa is the famous khau gali in Ghatkopar. There is this one dosa wala there who makes around 40 varieties of dosa. Its a small roadside stall... and if u visit this place in evening it is hell crowded with people waititng to be served. And the best part is his schezuwaan chutney that he gives with the dosa...its finger lickingly tasty. You get so many varieties there like sada dosa, butter sada dosa, spring dosa, chinese spring dosa, manchurian dosa, chinese dosa, schezuwaan dosa, palak dosa, paneer dosa, bhaji dosa and ofcourse the amazing masala dosa.... these are just a few names that I remembered and have tasted there. So next time u visit mumbai do visit the small roadside dosa stall in Ghatkopar and relish the amazing dosas.U can also relish the nearby stall's pani puri and frankies... they r worth a try too.

My delicious mysore masala dosa....with the filling..:) doesnt it look gorgeous

The third and the last place is one near Andheri station I dont remember the place well but it was in a small shopping complex.... just opposite the andheri railway station. I remember, once my dad took me and my friend there to eat and I can still remember the taste of that mysore masala dosa..... sweet as well spicy yummmm.... this is again a roadside stall... but it was so clean and nicely kept.... actually all the three stalls I refered here was soo clean and nice... I am as such very picky about the place where I eat and I can guaratee u this was heaven....so what if it is on the roadside??..

After eating such amazing dosas... who wud like the so called mysore masala dosa that they sell in the indian restaurants here in US?... hmmm I didnt.. I shud say I got disappointed everytime we went to a new restaurant and I ordered my favourite mysore masala dosa... which is actually masala dosa with some powder sprinkled on it.... hmmmm..... so in vain i thought the best way to tingle my taste buds again to this favourite dosa of mine is to try and make it myself. The recipe i have given below is my own recipe and I would love suggestions from other great cooks and foodies about what else can be added to this dosa to make it even better ofcourse other than dryfruits...:P..I know dryfruits will make it amazing... but I am trying to be a bit calorie conscious here girls..:P.

To make this dosa u need :

For the Dosa batter:

Raw rice - 1 1/2 cup

Idli rce - 1 1/2 cup

Urad dal - 1 1/4 cup

Methi seeds - 2 tsp

Moong dal - 1 tbsp

Toor dal - 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Method :

Soak the raw rice, idli rice, moong dal,toor dal and methi seeds together and the urad dal in a different bowl. Soak it overnight or for 7-8 hours. Grind the rice and the urad seperately and mix it together and keep it aside for 10-12 hours till the batter is fermented well. Add salt to the batter and mix well. Now, ur batter for making crispy dosas are ready.

For the stuffing:

Potato stuffing :

Potatoes - 4 boiled

Onions - 1 large

Mustard seeds - 2 tsp

Ginger - 1" finely chopped

Green chillies - 2

Garlic - 1 small pod (optional)

Turmeric powder - 2tsp

Salt to taste

Oil - 3 tsp

Few curry leaves

Lemon juice - 1 tbsp

the onion and potato filling

Method :

In a pan take some oil and put in the mustard seeds. Wait till the seeds splutter and then add the ginger and garlic and stri well. now add the onions and turmeric powder and mix well. Let the onions become tender and a bit transparent. Now add in the mashed potatoes and the salt.Pour in a glass of water and cook covered for 7-8 minutes or till the potatoes take in the water but yet remain a bit mushy.See that ur potato stuffing shouldnt be to dry.put in some lemon juice and mix well.Garnish with fresh Coriander leaves.


Spicy Red chutney:

Red Bell pepper - 1 big

Dried red chillies -4-5

Garlic - 6-7 pods (i like more of garlic u can reduce the quantity according to ur taste)

Salt to taste

Capsicum and chiili spicy chutney

Method :

Soak the Red chillies in a cup in say 1/2 tbsp water. Chop the red bell peppers in small chunk and put in the blender along with the garlic and salt. Now add in the dried red chillies from the water and put it in the blender too. Blend well into a paste. Be careful while putting in the red chillies. I like my chutny a bit spicy, u may reduce the quantity again according to ur taste.Ur chutney is ready U can store this chutney for like 3 days and use it for plain dosa and idli as a side dish.


Sweet red Chutney (sorry have no snap of this one.)

You need :

Tomato puree - 1 can (u may even grind in fresh tomatoes)

Salt - a pinch (my can already had some salt added to it)

Sugar - 4 tsp

Method :

In a small pan pour in the tomato puree and heat well, it the puree almost starts boiling. Now add in the salt and sugar and keep stirring.It can become a bit messy as the puree starts to boil. Lower and flame and keep stiriing till the sugar dissolves well. Your Sweet red Chutney is ready too. You can also use tamarind or any sweet sauce u get in shop to savethe time. But it tastes much better.


Carrot Stuffing :

Carrots - 3 grated (Some other variations will be Raddish, cabbage, beetroot or maybe all mixed)

Fresh coriander leaves

Lemon juice - 1 tbsp

Green chillies - 1 finely chopped

Salt to taste

Chaat powder - 2tsp

Grated carrot

Method :

Mix the grated carrot, salt, chaat powder, green chillies and coriander in a bog bowl. Your carrot stuffing is ready.This is also a very good side salad for ur chapatis or rice.

The final assembly:

Now that we r ready with all the preparatory work and items, lets start making some mysore masala dosas. I have used a non stick pan to make dosa....:P well its a rather old one... not much like a non stick anymore... heheh yet it give me some best dosas.Try using a non stick dosa griddle or dosa pan, if ur trying to make this for the first time. You need some judgement and timing for removing the from the pan in one piece.:)...

Take a non stick dosa gridle and spray in some cooking oil and let the pan sit on the gas for 5 minutes. The tava shud be moderately hot (not too hot or too cold) for the dosas to cook well. The best way to judge if u pan is hot is to wet ur hands and sprinkle some water on the hot pan.. if the water sizzle for sometime and then vanishes... that means ur pan is right and ready for the dosa.. If the water just bubbles and vanishes immidiately, or smokes,u may want to cool ur pan a bit by sprinkling some more water on it.

Now take a laddle full of batter and pour it on the centre of the griddle. Take a round bottomed laddle and make small circles in the centre of the batter that u have poured. Now slowly and gradually keep increasing the diameter or ur circle and hence spreading the batter.See that u dont leave gaps in between.Even if u do so.. take some more batter and fill up the gaps. I will try to take a video next time and post it here.:)
Once ur dosa is ready, Pour oil or butter around the dosa and allow it to cook a bit say for 2 -3 minutes. when u see that the batter on the top is kind of dry. Put in 2 spoonful of the spicy red chutney and spread it well on the dosa as given in the picture above.leave it for a minute. Now pour in 2 spoon ful of the sweet red chutney as spread it the same way. Put a spoon ful of potato filling in the centre of the dosa and then top it with the carrot filling. With a spoon lightly mix up the potato and carrot. Do it with very light hands.... Do want to to tear the dosa right?see picture below.

The masalas after mixing.

I wanted the caroot to be raw and give its natural sweet taste so i wanted to add it raw.. u may even add it to the potato bhaji if u desire.Let the dosa cook till the edges become dark golden brown in colour. Lightly lift one side of the dosa to see if the base has become golden in colour.

Fold the dosa into half and serve hot with ur favourite chutney.This taste very good even without any side. Dosas r so easy and amazing to make once u master the art. I was a person u could never make a dosa without tearing few to pieces.hehe... But I guess experience and dediation towards the thing u want to learn perfectly...gets u there where u want to be..Now I can make nice and lovely dosas....:P

I served it with Vaishali's amazing avacado and tofu chutney...which u can see in the pic. I first thought i will post the recipe here in this post, but i think this post have become too lenghty and posting the delicious chutney recipe here is an injustice to it. So i will be dedicating a new post to the Amazing avacado and tofu chutney. I will post my experience with the chutney there,till then relish my mysore masala dosa and give me ur amazing comments...:)

Serve hot however and where ever u like. No side required as such But will go amazingly with a subtly chutney.


Madhavi said...

Hey Subha, Dosa looks divine. Great recipe, thanxx for sharing dear. I love mysore masala dosa but never tried b4 so will try soon.

Dhivya said...

Wow!amazing!love masala dosai

Vaishali said...

Shubha, The dosa looks so very delicious and you have made it beautifully and professionally. It's lunchtime here now, and I was really, really hungry just looking at it.
I am happy you enjoyed the avocado-tofu chutney--thanks very much for your kind words.

Shubha Ravikoti said...

Thank u Madhavi, Dhivya and Vaishali for all ur appreciation and encouragement.!

Swati Raman Garg said...

shubha... that red chutney is soo good.. i always wanted to try such a stuff everytime i had it in a restaurant.. thanks a ton for sharing this...

Anonymous said...

hey the masala dosa looks amazing shud hve tasted the same way ,but just a small advice if u wanna make thin n crispy dosas then u might want to reduce the amount of urad dal n add about 15 tbps of poha along with all other ingredients n make the batter,dosas will be heavenly then,and u can also make it as crispy n as thin u want.

Deepa Kuber said...

Hi shubha, dosa looks too good. lovely color of the chutney and dosa is very lovely.I miss mumbai after reading ur post :(
Btw thanks!

SMN said...

Hey Shubha, Dosa luks great its quite some time i didnt eat this dosa.

Arundathi said...

lovely colors and photos - nice step-by-step! and that's great advice about the poha - gonna try that next time!

FH said...

Mouthwatering Shubha!:)

SASHREE said...

Hey subha,dosa is really looking gr8..n da way u prepare n pic alignment r awesome..used 2 hav dis dosa in my off cafeteria..i think a heavy one..but a lovely one dear

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ushaprashanth said...

Hi Subha!!!!!!
That's a neat coincidence!!!!! all the dosas look delicious!!!!!!

bha said...

the dosa looks all yummy...but it seems to be lot of work to make it.
Well it looks like, its raining awards at chutki bhar pyar....hope u r enjoying them

Beyond Curries said...

Thanks for dropping by and the words of appreciation Shubha.

This also my first time in your blog and it looks amazing. Very neat and elegant looking blog with delicious recipes.

The dosa looks very good and red bell pepper chutney is new to me. I will definitely try it soon and let you know.

Dori said...

I was scanning blogs with my daughter and she saw this and made me go back so she could look again... Now she wants some to eat and is bugging me for it :D

Unknown said...

hey.........looks good......am sure will taste good.......ur rt abt the vt and ghatkoper dosa corner........will try again, when u will come to thane..

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