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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I am so Sorry guys

I have not been able to post anything or even reply to any of ur comments because I was on a break. I have guests (cousins) at my place and we r on a road trip. This has really cheered me up a bit. I have mailed google and I am doing the needful towards the guy. I havent got any reply from him yet. Through some friends I got an email address (guess it is his email..) and phone number.I have not yet contacted him... I will be doing that after this weekend, when I am back from my road trip. At present I am in grand canyon and its raining. I will be updating you with more progress on this.

Thank u all for ur support. I guess I needed this break from all that is happening and also from the blogging. I am happy to be with family and enjoy. Atleast for sometime I tension and depression is gone.

Thank u and see you all soon.