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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home made Healthy Burritos

Hello friends iam back..... Back with my favourite mexican food.

In the recent days I have somehow got a liking to mexican food maybe coz its simple... ...you know all the ingredients that go in making each dish , secondly they taste a lot like our indian food an above all its so easy to make........

I love anything mexican.... it has so much variety in vegetarian too..... any dish u choose, u can just ask them to remove the meat/chicken and u can still enjoy all thats there in a mexican menu......

Now this is one simple and easy recipe.... I got to learn this one from one of my elder cousins.She made this when we went to visit them for new year.Now, here i would like to share her burrito recipe with all of u. Thanks akka for the recipe.

For 5 burritos
Ingredients you need:

Large flour tortillas - 5
Vegetarian refried beans - 1 can ( If your r a vegetarian see that you take a can of refried beans which says "vegatarian" , you also get traditional refried beans, but those have meat broth.)
Tomatoes : 2 chopped in cubes
Onions (optional) - 1 chopped
Green bell pepper - 1 big chopped
Corn - 2 cups
Olives - 1 cup
Low fat Sour cream - about 1 cup
Gaucomole ( i didnt use it here, u may if u wish)
Mild Salsa - 1 cup (optional)
Olive oil

Method :

In a big pan take some olive oil. Add the chopped bell pepper to it and saute til a nice cooked smeel erupts from it. See that you dont over cook it. It should be crisp. Now add in the refried beans to it and keep stirring. Cook the beans for approximately 20 mins or till it cooks well.

While the beans are being cooked keep all the other vegetables chopped well and ready in cups.In a small pan toss in the corn and toast them till u see small spots on it. It will make them taste better.

Now, take one tortilla and toast it lightly on a pan.toast both the sides. Put it on a plate and place a spoon ful of refried beans mixture on it. Top it with the tomatoes, olives, corns, salsa,(u may cut the salsa too as u already have the tomatoes,onions sour cream and gaucomole. See that u put a moderate amount of everything.... you dont wanna load ur tortilla and struggle eating..

Now , this has a three step packing which is very important. once u have put all the filling on the tortilla, see which side do u want to be the top i.e the open side and start making a horizontal fold on the bottom then fold each sides on each other.... its like packing a box...
I will post a pic of this soon.

Your Burritos are ready....isnt it easy do try it and let me know...

This is another snap of the burrito sorry for the eaten bit.... my hubby cudnt wait.

Enjoy the Burrito:)

Jeere wale Aloo

This is a simple and easy to make side dish. I love aloo (potatoes) and this recipe is my favourite. Its dry, and aloo is roasted and it has the lovely flavour of jeera in it.

Here goes the recipe.


Potatoes (aloo) - 5 medium cubbed

Jeera (cumin seeds)-2tsp

Turmeric powder - 1 tsp

Red chilli powder - 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Fresh coriander to garnish



In a pan take some oil and put in the jeera. Once the jeera splutters put in the chopped poatoes and the masalas. Roast it well till the potatoes get well coated with the masalas and the potaoes get cooked well.

Garnish it with some coriander and your simple and quick aloo jeera is ready.

Enjoy with rotis.