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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Banana Fritter Delight.

I had similar dessert in a thai restaurant. It was banana fritters served with chocolate syrup and coconut icecream. It was so tasty....... just few days back when I saw an almost forgotten banana lying in the corner I remembered that dessert. I made some changes and came up with this recipe. It turned out too good. Do try it.

Okie now as its raining bananas this is also my contribution to the JFI: banana held by Mandira of aahar (http://ahaar.blogspot.com/2007/09/jfibanana.html).

Check out the recipe.

Ingredients :

Ripe Banana - 1
Oil to fry
Roasted Seasame (Til) seeds - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1 1/2 tsp
Ice cream - 2 scoops (any flavour - I used malai kulfi)
Chocolate syrup


Peel the banana and cut it into half. Now cut the half piece lenghtwise into slices. Shallow fry these slices till they are golden brown in colour on both the sides.

In a seperate pan take the sugar and add 1 tbsp water and mix well. Heat this mixture till it becomes a bit thick and turns light brown in colour. Keep this aside. This mixture shudnt be very sticky or thick...

Now for the arrangement.... in a serving plate arange the fried banana slices. Top it with the sugar syrup (u can also use honey or maple syrup according to taste) now sprinkle it with roasted sesame seeds. Put some ice cream on the plate... and pour a bit of chocolate syrup on top.Your delicious dessert is ready.

Serve the bananas a bit warm and the ice cream ice chill. It gives a Divine taste.Enjoy this amazing dessert.


Jeena said...

Banana fritters are one of my hubbys favourites he would love this recipe thankyou. looks delicious. :)

mb said...

that is a great idea of using ripe banana. Thanks for another great entry. Stay tuned for the round up :) - Mandira